Radar Sonar Pattern Coaster

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This set of coasters is reminiscent of a radar or sonar screen, or just a trippy trek through a bamboo wormhole – where do the curls start, and where do they end? But most of all, this coaster is a whole lotta fun to look at and caress with your fingertips, as you wait for that next cold drink to be served. Be careful with model C, though: it’s fragile! We are selling it nonetheless, as we believe that responsible adults like yourself will keep it going for years on end without breaking it. But do get in touch with us if you do: we’ll find a solution that will keep you happy as a bumblebee on a hot summer’s day in a field of wild daisies. In other words, we’ll send you a more solid pattern as a replacement. You only get to break ONE of these! If you’re not sure you can handle this, you’re just going to need to order several on your first order! 😉

These beautiful coasters will add a generous splash of class to any table setting, inside or outside – each of these is a work of art and will make a great conversation piece too! This is made out of ecologically-friendly, renewable bamboo and painted with not two, but _three_ coats of high-quality water-resistant clear finish, to make sure you’ll be using them for years to come.

Please note that due to the individual nature of the bamboo plywood, your set of coasters will look very similar to this one, i.e. the cut pattern will be exactly the same – but the knots and variations in wood will be different on each and every coaster.

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