Who are we, exactly?

We're a small, multi-talented group of nerds who excel at their core competencies, but master a lot of other skills – making us a lightweight, low-overhead, flexible team that can tackle anything from a full-on website from scratch including your logo and content, all the way to creating an exclusive soundtrack for your pre-edited video, or an exclusive video production for your existing soundtrack – with product design, photography, and copywriting thrown into the mix.  

If you're unsure as to whether or how we can help you, why not just drop us an e-mail and find out?  It's fast, and it's free! 

Anthony Horekens
Founder and CEO
Anthony has a Master's degree in Economics and has worked in e-commerce since the early 2000's. He has become a website expert, and takes care of photo editing, video editing, and product design for our laser cutters when time allows.
Ben Howell
Head Developer
Ben is our go-to guru for hard-core coding, tweaking, and general website problem-solving. He also takes care of most things graphics and pre-press-related, and is the in-house expert on all things 3D-printing. He loves his Mac, in case you can't tell from the photo. Oh, and skiing.
Olivier Girardot
Sound Engineer
If your project needs high-quality, exclusive sounds or a soundtrack, Olivier comes up to bat-erh, beat! He is unbeatable at those. He is also a website expert and masters most of the web-related technologies you may have heard acronyms to: HTML, PHP, JS and more.
Marta Dowejko
Business Consultant
Cited by 130+ international outlets, Dr. Dowejko is an academic researcher and practitioner. She co-founded an online business in 2007 and teaches, coaches, speaks, and writes about entrepreneurship and growth opportunities. Need we say more?

OK - and what are we great at doing?

Web Development

We have been making websites since 2007.  We work with the world's most affordable and efficient website platform, WordPress.  Take a look at our portfolio on the homepage if you'd like to see some of the websites we have built over the years – some of which we still maintain and run.

Photography and Editing

We have been taking photos since the very first digital camera came out back in the early nineties, as our huge database of thousands of exclusive photographs will attest.  Being avid photographers, we have also become avid photo editors – so if you already have your own photos, we can work those into your project.

Social Marketing

Every brand is unique, and therefore needs a tailored social network strategy.  Tell us about your products and services, who you are trying to reach – and we will make sure you are on all the right social networks.  The team as a whole has experience in social marketing on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, Reddit, and few of the lesser-known platforms too.

Graphic Design

Do you need an improved logo to help your brand stand out in today's competitive landscape? Or just a nice, neat set of banners for your website or online advertising? A print ad that will stand out in readers' minds? We'll gladly send you some work examples so you can see for yourself the quality of the graphics work we can do for you.

Branding and Marketing

We understand that branding is not just a logo or how your business is perceived by others. It is about making sure that your website, your product presentation, your social networking image, and your print or online advertising – in other words, “the whole shebang" – comes together in a coherent and harmonious way from customer first contact, to after-sales service.

Video Production

We have a high-end 4K-capable drone and few computers powerful enough to edit 4K video – whether yours or ours – into a beautiful audiovisual production for your website or your brand. We can help you produce a vibrant and effective video marketing tool that can be delivered directly from your website and from any other video channels of your choice.

Copywriting and translation

Our team may look small, but between us we are fluent speakers in English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Polish. If you need translation work in any of these, and if you need our copywriting skills to create new content for your website or for your online advertising strategy, just let us know. We have our way with words.

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