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The “special sauce”, refined after years of experience.

SEO and Online Marketing in a nutshell

You’ve heard of SEO.  You may know it stands for “Search Engine Optimization”.  Over the past decade, the acronym has grown from being a hot buzzword, to being an “enabler” for many online scams by self-proclaimed “experts” who promise first-page results in a matter of days or weeks, with little or no actual knowledge, nor care for, what your business actually does and who your customers actually are.

But what _is_ SEO?  It is basically making sure that your website and its presence on the internet are optimized for search engine indexing, so that your customers are sure to find you easily.  It can be thought of as a sub-section of your Online Marketing Strategy.

SEO may sound simple described in the few words above, but it is more than just “tweaking around” behind the scenes doing something you may not understand very well if you’re not an expert.  It is a long list if we need to write it out in detail, but none of the items are extremely complicated.  At least to us, which is where we can help you – to set things up correctly, and to teach you how to put it all to good use on a regular basis, allowing your organic online search engine rankings to get better with time.

Our team counts amongst it people with combined decades of “real” SEO and online marketing expertise.  Real is in quotes because they have done this for their own businesses – not just to make some quick cash from unknowing customers who have money but who are lacking in technical knowledge.

Having worked on the online marketing of their own online companies, our team is able to offer a much more holistic view of your online marketing within your greater long-term business strategy. Therefore, we will not promise you first-page rankings in timeframes that could only mean we are not exactly doing things the right way (google “white hat / black hat SEO” for more on that).

But we can tell you that we are experts on the matter, and if you choose to let us help you, we will develop, with your help and input, an SEO strategy that we can either run for you, or that we can teach you to run yourself.

Built with HTML 5
HTML 5 is the industry standard. Thousands of developers know it, and Google loves it.

Best Accepted Practices: check!
We use industry-standard practices. No quick and dirty. No cutting corners. Ours is built for speed, and built to last.

SEO built-in from the ground up
Your website design or re-design will have SEO in mind from the very beginning of its conception.

Google Analytics: included
This industry standard will become an invaluable part of your business intelligence, putting the data generated by your website to good use.

Long Term SEO Strategy
SEO does not end when your website is launched; it is a long-term strategy of which your website is only a part.

Google AdWords
Organic rankings take time to improve once your strategy is in place.  Google AdWords allows you to turbo-charge traffic to your website, and can be very cost-effective if implemented correctly.

Google AdSense
Once your website is doing well, we can help you monetize it.

A/B Split Testing
This system uses actual data from your current website to help you make only proven improvements better. No more guesswork!